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Weight Loss Hypnosis Chichester

Being in a constant battle with weight is hard isn’t it, especially if the fight has gone on for years?  Imagine how wonderful you would feel if the war was over at last and you could have peace?  People who […]

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Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery

What is ‘hypnotic gastric band surgery?’ When a person elects to undergo ‘hypnotic gastric band surgery’ they are hypnotised and talked through every step of the medical procedure as if she they were in an operating theatre.  They will hear  […]

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HypnoSlimmer Recommends Power Words

HypnoSlimmer Info Recommends Power Words to help you to lose weight.  Power words can be a great assistance to reaching your target weight or even to get started on the diet you have been putting off for ages. Say that […]

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This is an Electromagnetic Universe

You live in an Electromagnetic Universe.  There is a mighty force in the world which scientists call electro-magnetism.  Everything in the Universe is electro-magnetic in nature.  The laws of attraction and repulsion operate electro-magnetically; when you assume a positive or […]

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How To Lose Weight Using ‘The Focus Factor’

The Focus Factor Do you want to know how to lose weight and keep it off?  The best way to start is to ask yourself where your focus lies!  What do you focus on as you go about your day.  […]

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Hypnotic Non-Surgical Gastric Band

More and more people are reaping the benefits of opting for the non-surgical gastric band operation.  Real gastric band surgery is risky and is also very costly and many of those operated on fail to lose the weight they hoped for. […]

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Emotional Overeating

Emotional Overeating……….everyone talks about it, but what actually is it. Emotional Overeating means we eat when we feel bad. Bad, can mean a multitude of things and includes feeling angry, sad, lonely, depressed, fed up, unloved, undervalued or overworked. When […]

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HypnoSlimmer Power Words

Power Words – Strong and Weak There is a power in words and power words can help you to return to your natural slim self.  You can demonstrate the power of words to make you either strong or weak with your friends. […]

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Craving Buster

CRAVING BUSTER – (This amazing technique was developed by Dr Roger Callahan, author of ‘Tapping the Healer Within’.) If you are feeling a strong craving for a particular food right now or a cigarette and you want to reduce it […]

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Tap on the Head Cured my Chocolate Addiction

Chocolate Addiction Cured Thanks to one of my students Sharon for sending me the following link to the article on EFT and chocolate addiction from the Sun newspaper. Click on the link to read the article or cut and […]

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