A Small Price To Pay

What would you pay to be slim? How much have you already paid in the quest to have the body you would like? How much time and money have you spent going to weight loss groups, reading about different diets, shopping for clothes that never fit? How much time do you spend beating yourself up for eating too much or eating the wrong things?

What if there was an easy way to do it? What if you never had to buy another diet product, ever? What if you never had to join another weight loss group or buy and read another slimming magazine? What if you no longer had to spend many hours in the day thinking or talking about diets and being overweight? What would you do with the time?

Well there is an easy way to do it and it costs nothing but a little time. Time that you will have so much more of when you free yourself up from obsessive thoughts about food. All you have to do to become slim and stay that way is to eat your food slowly and consciously. Simple isn’t it? Maybe you think it is too simple, maybe you want it to be harder and tougher than that? Well the truth is that it is that simple. By taking the extra time to eat your food at the table and eat it slowly and consciously, enjoying every mouthful you will become slim.

A Small Price To Pay

Most people who develop weight loss programmes study people who are overweight. They look at their eating habits, the kind of food they eat and when they eat it and they work out their weight loss plan from that. Richard Bandler and John Grinder developed NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming) in the 1970’s and they did something completely new, instead of studying people with faulty programmes they concentrated instead on people who were successful in their field and developed a way of emulating them.

They studied people, who had always been slim and realized that these people always made time for their food, eating it slowly and consciously. Don’t you agree that is a small price to pay?

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