Are You Addicted?

Are you addictedAre you addicted to chocolate or to bread, to sweets, cakes or coffee?  We are addicted because we wanted to be.  That may sound hard but when we first started to do whatever it is we are addicted to we wanted to do it because it made us feel good.  At some point we started to feel negatively about our addiction and the pleasure turned into pain.

Once the pleasure turns to pain we start obsessing about the problem, telling ourselves to stop doing what we’re doing.  We tell ourselves that what we’re doing is bad for us and that we must be bad for doing it.  We get into the fight with the problem and focus on it more and more, all the while attempting to stop.

THe trouble is, as thoughts are magnetic we draw more and more of the same to us and we feel worse and worse.  We start to tell ourselves things like, “I can’t stop, it’s hopeless,” etc.  We tell ourselves this over and over and we walk around with this image of ourselves as bad.  We carry this image around with us in our aura.  We think that if people knew about us they would reject us and so we try to hide what we think about ourselves.

Unfortunately, whatever we think about ourselves comes across and people notice we are not confident about ourselves or that we don’t feel good about ourselves.  However take heart, because most people are feeling pretty much the same in some way or another. It is probably true that most people are walking around feeling pretty bad about themselves in some way or other.

When you want to give up your addiction and be free of whatever it is that is binding you and the wanting to be free becomes greater than the wanting to hold onto the addiction then the transition will come.  The weight will start falling off, the wanting for the drug will cease and you will be free.

Start wanting, say a thousand times a day, “I want to be slim, I see myself slim.”  Say, “This is what I want and I want it now,” and feel how you will feel when this is the truth.  Act as if it is the truth right now.  When you have the cigarette or the food or the drug, approve of yourself.

Nothing can exist in our reality unless we feed it energy.  By empowering our fears, we cause a tremendous drain of energy.  The secret is to look only to what we want even as we indulge in our addiction.  What we do normally is eat too much and then say to ourselves something like, “Oh you’ve done it again, it’s pointless,  you’ll never do it.”  The secret is to ignore all that and still affirm, “I always eat healthy foods,” or, “I always eat just the right amount,”

I will guarantee you that if you adopt this practice and stick to it faithfully then your action will follow your desire, because this is Law and this Law is unfailing in its accuracy.  It has always worked for you up until now and everything you have put your attention on; you have in your life.  All you have to do is to change the direction of your attention.

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