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Conscious Eating

Can Conscious Eating Help Me To Lose Weight? If you are clinically obese or putting on weight rapidly have you ever thought how others see you while eating, or are you one of those people who eats in secret? One […]

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Does The Chew Chew Diet Work

How Does the Chew Chew Diet Work? The chew chew diet became fashionable in the Victorian era.  It was a way of losing weight without actually dieting, in fact all foods are allowed as long as each mouthful of food […]

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How To Get Slim Fast

Have You Wondered How To Get Slim Fast? Have you ever wanted to get slim fast and wondered how to do it? If you are overweight now, the slim you sits in the unexpressed realms of mind, and your job […]

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HypnoSlimmer Worthing

Weight gain or loss is all in the mind.  Many overweight people think that there is something wrong with them, believing they are flawed in some way or weak or carrying faulty genes.  None of this is true however.  There […]

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HypnoSlimmer West Sussex

HypnoSlimmer West Sussex covers the whole County HypnoSlimmer is a successful program for weight loss that has been available for over ten years.  It’s founder, Brian Glenn and his team of experts are constantly modifying the program introducing all the […]

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Lorraine Kelly Gastric Band Interview

A recent Lorraine Kelly Gastric Band Interview featured a mother and daughter duo who lost over five and a half stones between them after undergoing virtual gastric band hypnosis.  The Hypno Gastric Band is becoming a very popular procedure, being […]

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HypnoSlimmer Recommends Power Words

HypnoSlimmer Info Recommends Power Words to help you to lose weight.  Power words can be a great assistance to reaching your target weight or even to get started on the diet you have been putting off for ages. Say that […]

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Emotional Overeating

Emotional Overeating……….everyone talks about it, but what actually is it. Emotional Overeating means we eat when we feel bad. Bad, can mean a multitude of things and includes feeling angry, sad, lonely, depressed, fed up, unloved, undervalued or overworked. When […]

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