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Lose Weight Feel Great

How Could You Lose Weight & Feel Great? The law of demonstration demands that what you desire to be, to do or to have you must first declare that you are it, that you can do it or that you […]

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This is an Electromagnetic Universe

You live in an Electromagnetic Universe.  There is a mighty force in the world which scientists call electro-magnetism.  Everything in the Universe is electro-magnetic in nature.  The laws of attraction and repulsion operate electro-magnetically; when you assume a positive or […]

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How To Lose Weight Using ‘The Focus Factor’

The Focus Factor Do you want to know how to lose weight and keep it off?  The best way to start is to ask yourself where your focus lies!  What do you focus on as you go about your day.  […]

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HypnoSlimmer Power Words

Power Words – Strong and Weak There is a power in words and power words can help you to return to your natural slim self.  You can demonstrate the power of words to make you either strong or weak with your friends. […]

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