Conscious Eating

Can Conscious Eating Help Me To Lose Weight?

which diets workIf you are clinically obese or putting on weight rapidly have you ever thought how others see you while eating, or are you one of those people who eats in secret?

One very obese lady told me, “I eat hardly anything, my work colleagues and friends worry about me because I eat so little.” Well I’m sorry but I just didn’t believe her and said so, although she carried on insisting it was true.

Whether you’re a secret eater/binge eater or not, watch obese people eat and you’ll notice that all overweight people take huge bites or forkfuls of food. (A trip to MacDonald’s will enable you to see unconscious eating in all its glory.)

Obese people chew very little. Try taking a huge mouthful of food and attempt to chew it, it just doesn’t work as there’s too much food in the mouth to chew! It just starts to spill out of the mouth all over the place or else your mouth and face is so contorted it’s either amusing or sickening to watch.

The only way you can eat and chew properly is by putting a small amount of food on your fork at each mouthful or taking a much smaller bite of your sandwich than normal. This is how you were born to eat. If you eat differently now it’s because you have trained yourself to eat this way. If you are having difficulty adjusting imagine you are having dinner with the Queen or a celebrity you fancy the pants off. Would you eat in a most unattractive way while dining with them?

Conscious Eating

Dainty eaters are slim, it’s a fact! Watch slim people eat and compare them to fat people and you’ll get some idea of the concept of slowing down and eating. No matter where you picked up the ‘fast eating’ habit or how long you’ve been doing it you can remind yourself to eat slowly, consciously and daintily. This is conscious eating, taking time to eat properly, to enjoy your food and to savour it. Conscious eating will help you to become slim.

‘The quickest way to minimise the amount of food you are eating is to maximise the amount of time you take to eat it.’ 

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