Does The Chew Chew Diet Work

How Does the Chew Chew Diet Work?

The chew chew diet became fashionable in the Victorian era.  It was a way of losing weight without actually dieting, in fact all foods are allowed as long as each mouthful of food is chewed thoroughly.  I suspect the idea for the chew chew diet may have come from India; an old Indian proverb states, ‘if you want to live a long and healthy life, drink your food and chew your water.’  

The Indians somehow knew that there are more gastric juices in the mouth than in the stomach and that digestion is supposed to start there.  Their reasons for making sure their food was thoroughly chewed before swallowing were less about losing weight and more about being healthy.

According to ancient Indian wisdom thoroughly chewing foods cuts out the risk of food poisoning as the gastric juices in the mouth will have had time to kill off any harmful bacteria before the food is swallowed.  They recommended chewing the food until it became liquidized before swallowing it.  This, they said, was the path to health and vitality.

Eating like this involves eating consciously or in other words being aware of the food we are eating while eating it.  Unfortunately, modern man has begun to eat unconsciously, eating his food quickly, while doing other things and this is the main cause of the obesity epidemic.

Eating unconsciously will make you fat for the following reasons:

• “You take no notice of the food you are eating meaning you eat too much of it.”
• “You eat much quicker and tend to take bigger mouthfuls without chewing enough.”
• “You do not chew your food properly so digestion is not happening in the way it should.”
• “You take no notice of the effect of the food on your body meaning you don’t recognize feelings of fullness until it’s too late.”

It takes at least 20 minutes for the message to get from the stomach to the brain to signal you are full and if you’ve consumed everything on your plate within 10 minutes you will more than likely have overeaten. Besides, food portions are so much bigger these days than in the past.

Slow down, eat consciously and chew each mouthful at least 30 times. This will give you time to receive the messages your stomach is sending to your brain to say it’s full. When you slow down and focus on what you are eating; when you eat food slowly and consciously you will begin to recognize your body’s signals.

You’ll also notice that these signals happen when you have only consumed approximately half of what you normally eat. When you get the signals it’s time to stop, push away your plate!

Relax, you don’t need to waste  the food, you can cling film it and save it for later or even give it to the dog, the choice is yours. When you eat in this way you are emulating those people who have had an actual gastric band fitted. That’s how they have to eat, slowly and consciously, chewing every mouthful. If a person with an actual gastric band swallows any morsel of food larger than the rubber on the end of a pencil they will have to regurgitate (be sick), to remove it, as it will not pass through into the stomach.  In fact what a gastric band does is force the person who has it fitted to eat correctly.

Sit Down at the Table to Eat

Sit down at the table to eat and concentrate on your food while you are eating it. Eating consciously is the thing that will make the most difference to your quest for slimness. To eat consciously means to be conscious of the food you are eating and not the book you are reading, the TV program you are watching, the work you are doing or the PC you are focusing on.

Eat everything with a knife and fork and put your knife and fork down between each mouthful while you chew your food thoroughly. The sloppy, American habit of eating only with a fork not only looks bad it is a ticket to obesity. You might as well have a mini digger in your hand to shovel your food down. Most people who eat this way lean over the plate, they have to as their fork is usually so full it is shedding food from all sides as it’s lifted, and they shovel the food in as if on a conveyor belt.

There is very little enjoyment in eating in this way as all of your taste buds are in your mouth and the food is usually swallowed down so quickly it is hardly tasted. If you love your food then why not savor it and enjoy it by leaving it longer in the only part of you that can enjoy it?

Why The Chew Chew Diet Works

The chew chew diet works because it is simply and utterly impossible to overeat while practicing it.  Imagine, being able to eat whatever you choose, as long as you chew each mouthful until it is liquidized?  You won’t find out the answer to, does the chew chew diet work until you give it a go and see.

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