Embarrassing Fat Bodies

embarrasing fat bodiesThe Embarrassing Fat Bodies program featured hypnotherapy for weight loss and gastric band hypnotherapy.  They showed how the procedure can be used successfully to enable those who have tried every other method of weight loss to eventually shed the pounds that have been so difficult to lose in the past.

The overweight subjects were introduced to a hypnotic program designed to induce healthy eating.  Their minds would also have been trained to eat and relate to food in a different way.  All overweight people eat quickly, stuffing down food without even tasting it and this is one of the main reasons for their obesity.

Embarrassing Fat Bodies

Once this sort of eating is indulged in for any length of time it becomes habitual and the perpetrator often doesn’t even register doing it.  For them it seems normal behaviour.  It is not normal to eat this way, it’s something that has crept into our Western way of living and has led to the huge increase in weight gain in so many people.

In the spiritual world it is called ‘Unconscious Eating’ and that means that the person eating this way switches off while eating and merely stuffs food down.  Your hypnotist, knowing how mind works, uses their skills to re-program your mind so you can return to eating consciously.

Hypnosis works on the part of the mind that controls all urges and eating patterns.  When changes are made in the ‘engine room’ of the mind eating habits change and you can return to your normal and natural eating habits.

All fully trained hypnotherapists are skilled in using the kind of language and language patterns that deeper mind responds to.  Your hypnotherapist is the expert who can facilitate those changes, make sure yours is properly trained and a member of a British Board of Registers such as the GHR.

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