Fat Genes

Fat Genes – Have You Got Them?

Do you blame inherited fat genes for your overweight problem.  The belief that fat runs in families or that the tendency to be overweight is in the genes defies the rules of nature.

We all agree that man is an animal and of the animal kingdom and to see the obvious lie in the belief in genes or family dispositions all we have to do is look at nature.  In the wild overweight animals don’t exist, there are none.  Look at a herd of wildebeest, how many of them are overweight?  How about a pride of lions where are the tubby ones and their genetically overweight offspring?

How about indigenous people, Amazonians or Africans, there are still enough unspoiled tribes left to know that obesity doesn’t exist within them?  If there are such things as fat families why didn’t they exist in nature, or in people who still live according to natural ways?  It makes more sense that ways of eating and relating to food are the things that run in families and are picked up by children rather than faulty genetics.

Every individual in a pack of wolves or jackals is equally lean but if we are to believe medical consensus we would have to agree that some of them should be less lean than others.  The only animals that are prone to become obese are those that live with humans or those that are pumped full of unnatural hormones for the production of meat.

If you’ve ever wondered why pets often become obese while animals in nature remain slim it’s because the food we give our pets contains a high amount of carbohydrates.  No animals in the wild eat carbohydrates; animals fall into two classes, herbivores, eating only plants and fruits or carnivores, eating only flesh.  Carbohydrates are the main culprits in the obesity crisis.

If you really want to become slim and to enjoy better health and vitality it’s imperative that you cut down on carbohydrates and eat more natural foods.  Let go of the belief that you are destined to be overweight too, it’s not true.

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