Fitting a Virtual Gastric Band

The Journey

Gastric hypno band west sussexFitting a Virtual gastric Band is something I am very familiar with.  As a HypnoSlimmer consultant I have fitted a lot of virtual gastric bands for my clients.  A good proportion of them have had amazingly successful results, some results have been mediocre and for a few nothing has changed.

It’s always disappointing when clients don’t get the results they want and of course one always wonders what one could have done better.  For that reason I am always working on improving my sessions and aiming to increase my clients success rate.

Although I knew that the methods I was using worked I had never actually used them myself.  Over time I had gained a stone which may be a small amount to some but was a niggle to me.  Just after Christmas however, I decided that enough was enough and I threw myself wholeheartedly into the HypnoSlimmer program.

In the beginning things went well and the pounds started to drop off.  Unfortunately, like a lot of people, (did you think we therapists were perfect?) I began to miss hypnosis sessions, blaming pressure of work, tiredness and other commitments and before I knew it the pounds I’d lost came back again.

Instead of despairing and giving up I kept a close watch on what I was doing on the days I regained weight and what I was doing on the days the weight went back down.  Sure enough, low water consumption meant weight gain.  Eating while working meant I would inevitably overeat and gain weight.

Eating when I wasn’t hungry, eating after a certain time in the evening and going to bed feeling full also meant I would be heavier the following morning.  I was also realising that no matter how small my plate and portion of food looked, to my eyes, I was still serving up too large a portion for me.  I was still ending up slightly stuffed after my main meals even though I believed my portions were right.

I know 100%  and without any doubt that any time anyone overeats and finishes their meal stuffed they are putting on weight.  To stay the right weight or to lose weight you have to eat to the point of satisfaction and stop there.  That’s what slim people do.  Slim people do not stuff themselves they eat normally.

I knew I had to work out a way to cut down my portions to the right size for me.  I was aware that I could install my own gastric band as it’s something I do all the time but it was something I had never considered doing on myself.  My training taught me to install a band the size of a golf ball; much too small for someone like me who only needed to lose a stone.

Golf ball sized stomach pouches were, after all, a drastic measure for the very overweight, weren’t they?

Fitting a Virtual Gastric Band

Like many people I purchased Paul McKenna’s book ‘Gastric Band’ when it was published.    I bought it out of curiosity, to check out what Paul was doing and see if I could pick up any tips.  I wanted to listen to the audio to see if it was any different to what we’ve all been doing.

It was different but only in one respect.   Paul’s hypnotic suggestion was fitting a virtual gastric band pouch the size of a tennis ball.  When I read that I was excited because it seemed as if a tennis ball sized pouch would be ideal for me and people like me.

Truthfully, I had always had a bit of an issue with the golf ball sized stomach, thinking it was too restrictive but as it was convention I did it.  Now here was Paul McKenna using a larger pouch and from now on a tennis ball is the size pouch I’ll use, so thank you Paul McKenna.

I decided to fit my own band.  I didn’t use Paul’s CD as hypnosis is always so much more effective if the words are personal to you.  I make my own CD’s and I cut one in a day and used it.  Oh boy, it’s working perfectly.

I have added on the other techniques I give my clients and I am already over half way to my goal in two weeks.

If you’d like help to get the same results contact me at 01243 699646 or 07747 865982





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