Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss and Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

gastric band hypnotherapy chichester

If you’ve despaired of becoming free of the endless round of yo-yo dieting gastric band hypnotherapy could be the answer to your problem.  It could be the key to finally being able to achieve your dream of losing weight and having a great looking body.

For years the diet industry has told us that following a low calorie, near starvation diet is the key to weight loss.  This is obviously far from the truth as all that has happened over time is an increase in obesity.

It seems the more we follow the low calorie, low fat diets they recommend the worse things get. One minute we’re told to follow this weight loss fad and when that doesn’t work we’re told to take another equally painful and expensive tack that also results in failure.

However, all conventional diets work from the outside in attempting to starve the body into submission.  None of them address the mind where all conditions begin.  The HypnoSlimmer program does address the mind where all change happens.  It has been specially formulated to re-establish the perfect eating programs we were each born with.

Over four weeks your eating habits and your relationship to food return to normal leaving you free from obsessing about food all day.  You eat when hungry and stop when your satisfied and weight loss happens simply and easily.

At the end of the four week program we offer gastric band hypnotherapy as a bolt on for those who need or want it.  It is proving to be both popular and effective for weight loss; already having helped many thousands of people shed those unwanted pounds.

If you decide to go ahead with gastric band hypnotherapy at the end of the four week HypnoSlimmer program you will be hypnotised to believe that you have undergone gastric band surgery. This means that your mind craves less food, and feels full much sooner than before. The net result is that you eat less, and consequently lose weight.

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