Gastric Hypno Band Chichester

Lose Weight with Gastric Hypno Band Chichester

gastric hypno band chichester

More and more people are now suffering from weight problems. Obesity is on the rise and gastric band surgery is becoming more and more popular as a remedy by those who believe it is there only hope. Gastric hypno band Chichester is offering a solution to obesity.

During this operation a plastic band is inserted into the patient’s abdomen and wrapped around the stomach near to the top.  This has the effect of reducing the size of the top of the stomach to that of a golf ball.  Many believe that having this operation will reduce the appetite but that is far from the truth.  The appetite does not decrease it just becomes impossible to eat anything larger than the stomach is at any one time.

The operation is both risky and costly yet now it is possible to be hypnotised into thinking the procedure has been performed and to get the same results without the risks or cost.  This amazing technique is being offered in Chichester and West Sussex by HypnoSlimmer Chichester.

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Gastric Hypno Band Chichester

Clients are hypnotised and while in a relaxed and hypnotic state they are talked through an actual surgical procedure while authentic sounds and smells are fed into the therapy room.  The client experiences the surgery in real time as they are led through and visualise the procedure.

The Hypno Band is part of the HypnoSlimmer program which consists of five sessions of highly targeted therapy designed to get to the bottom of your unhealthy eating habits.  The program re-educates and re-programs your mind leaving you free to have a healthy relationship with food.

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