Going on a Diet

Why Going on a Diet Never Works

How many times have you been on a diet?  How many times has your diet failed?   Had you any idea that almost every single person who goes on a diet fails and yet the world and its dog is on a diet the majority of the time.  How many people, worldwide, do you suppose go on a diet on any given day?  I expect the figure is in the millions; yes that’s millions of people starting a diet every single day and the majority of them destined to fail.

Why is that?  Have you any idea why the majority of dieters fail after going on a diet? Have you any idea why you’ve failed so many times before? Did you think lack of willpower was behind many of the failures, lack of motivation or greed?  If you did you could be wrong, the answer may be much simpler than that.

The problem lies with terminology, the words we use and the thoughts we speak.  The subconscious part of our mind is responsible for any weight gain or loss; it is in charge of the body.  However, although it is in charge of all bodily conditions, it is under the complete domination of the conscious mind; the part we think with.

The subconscious part of mind listens carefully to the things you say and think and it acts on every one of them.  It has to listen carefully, as it is the power behind the throne and the only part that gets things done.  It only knows how to carry out your orders.  It cannot think for itself and it cannot argue; it is completely naive and childlike. Consciously both you and I and everyone else you talk to understands perfectly what you mean when you declare you are going on a diet.  We all know that the purpose of the exercise is to lose weight.

We know that because we can use logic and using logic we can deduce the reason for the diet, especially if the speaker is overweight, but the subconscious part of yours and ever other mind is not logical.  It can only act from simple instructions and so when you say that you are going on a diet, you literally get exactly that – a diet.

The subconscious mind knows what a diet is, it’s been well trained and programmed; it knows all there is to know about diets.  It knows, in all probability, that diets are hard, that they are restrictive, that you have to count calories, go without and deny yourself all the good things in life.  So that’s what happens.  You go hungry, it’s hard, you count calories, cut out fat and sugar and get miserable, because apart from all the austerity nothing much may be happening.

Maybe on week one you lose a little, week two you put it all back on again and week three, after losing a little more you give up and all because you decided you were going on a diet. Deciding to go on a diet is as mad as deciding to go on a journey and no sane person you know would make such a decision.  When is the last time one of your friends or family told you they were going on a journey, without having an end destination in mind that is?

What would happen to a person who set off on a journey, just a journey?  Presumably they would go round and round, filling up with fuel now and again but getting nowhere because they had nowhere to go.  They are only on a journey remember.  This is exactly what the person who is going on a diet is doing.  They are dieting, and dieting is hard, restrictive and unpleasant but they aren’t actually going anywhere because they haven’t said where they are going.

Those who succeed; those who shed the weight and arrive at their destination are those who decided where their diet would take them.  Every diet is a journey and every successful diet has to have a destination too.  The person who decides, “I must be slim for my daughters wedding in August because I want to look good on the day,” has a massively increased chance of arriving at her destination than the one who goes on a diet.

Make sure you decide where you’re heading and plan your estimated time of arrival too.  That way, the part of you that carries on all the work behind the scenes receives a clear picture of where you’re going.

My name is Christine Wesson.

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