The HypnoSlimmer House Party

The HypnoSlimmer house party concept is a great way for you to get slim.  Get together a group of at least 4 people – friends or family – and Christine from HypnoSlimmer Chichester will come to you every week for four weeks and work with the group in your home.  It’s fun and informative and means you have the support and encouragement of the others in the group.

House parties are also a way for you to save money too as the group price is half of the cost of individual sessions.  You can save money and achieve your goal!   House parties are also a way that you can get the whole HypnoSlimmer program absolutely free.  Yes, unbelievably, if you get a minimum of 6 people to join the group you can go free.

For more details about this amazing offer ring Christine on 01243 699646 or send me your details using the contact form and I’ll ring you.

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You Have Nothing To Lose Except Your Excess Weight

A Hypno Slimmer House Party