How To Get Slim Fast

Have You Wondered How To Get Slim Fast?

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Have you ever wanted to get slim fast and wondered how to do it? If you are overweight now, the slim you sits in the unexpressed realms of mind, and your job is to find a way to draw it into expression.

You draw things into expression by the process of aspiration and inspiration. Aspiration is something you do; unless you aspire to do something or have something different to whatever you have now, nothing changes. Whatever you give your attention to increases, so if all you do is focus on the overweight you you’ll get more of it.

To make any change you first have to aspire to be or do something different.  It’s no good fighting the overweight you already have; that’s focusing on the problem and all you’ll get is more of the problem.  It’s no good trying to ignore the problem either because the very nature of a problem means you cannot ignore it.

If you don’t like what you are experiencing, aspire to experience something different. If you are overweight, unfit and out of control, aspire to be slim, fit and in control.

To aspire to something is to long for it, or to seek after it.  Certainly if we aspire to be  something we would focus on it.  The word, ‘aspiration’ also shares roots with breathing; as in respiration.  Whatever you aspire to be, you long for and whenever you long for something you think about it often.

Each time you think about the thing you long for and focus on it in imagination; in the unexpressed realm, you breathe life into it.  The more you breathe into it, the more alive it becomes.  The way to get slim fast is to focus on being slim and to do it unceasingly.

Whatever you desire does not come to you, it is expressed from you.  Breathe in and as you breathe out breathe into a picture of the slim and healthy you in mind’s eye.  Aspiration and respiration are linked and the two together can create the body you desire.

When you breathe in, you breathe in spiritual stuff (oxygen), and you use this stuff to breathe life into your dreams and aspirations.   You create the things you desire in the unexpressed realms, filling them with life and when they have been filled and fleshed out with feeling they appear in the physical realm.

Here’s how to get slim fast

Decide how you will look as a slim and healthy person.  Think about how you’ll feel when you reach your goal.  Go into the mental realm of imagination, and seeing yourself slim, imagine how good it feels.  What are you thinking, what are you saying?

Breathe life into the imaginary slim you in the same way Cinderella breathed life into the vision of her at the ball.  The story of Cinderella is the story of creation.  She took her attention away from reality and aspired to dance with the Prince.

If Cinders had sat with her feet in the embers bemoaning her fate, hating her ugly sisters, and plotting ways to take her revenge on them, she would never have got to the ball never mind married the Prince.  The wily Princess ignored her predicament, went into the mental realms (sometimes called the Kingdom of Heaven) and imagined dancing at the ball in the arms of the Prince.

Everything you have now, including your overweight body, comes from the unseen and began its life there. You created what you have by focusing on it and if you want things to change you have to use the same process in reverse.

Get a mental image of a slim you, then feel how good you will feel when you have achieved the thing(s) you aspire to. Do it often; the more attention you give the things you desire,  the more life you breathe into them and the quicker they appear.

Ask solution based questions; ‘how can I get slim,’ ‘what do I need to do to achieve my goal,’ ‘where can I find the perfect way to get slim in the least amount of time,’ and wait for inspiration. Inspiration comes from above. Inspiration spirals back down from above; leading you and guiding you to do the right things, to look in the right places or the find the right information.

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