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HypnoSlimmer West Sussex covers the whole County

hypnoslimmer west sussexHypnoSlimmer is a successful program for weight loss that has been available for over ten years.  It’s founder, Brian Glenn and his team of experts are constantly modifying the program introducing all the latest developments in the hypnotherapy world into it.

Katherine Laing one of the HypnoSlimmer board members recently introduced a virtual hypnotic exercise program for those who find exercise difficult or even those who dislike going to the gym.  The program is based on evidence that imagining doping exorcise produced around 60% increase in fitness when compared to attending a gym in real life.

The fitness CD is available from most HypnoSlimmer consultants has proved a popular addition to the usual program.  Those who have used the fitness CD has both enjoyed it and found a marked improvement in their fitness levels.  It is also reported to motivate the user take real physical exercise after repeated listening.

Scientists are looking into ways to introduce similar programs into hospitals to help bedridden patients.  It is also reported that injured sportsmen also use the same technology to keep up fitness levels while unable to exercise.  If the technology has been accepted in the competitive sporting world it will not be long before it filters down and is used by the masses.  By offering this virtual fitness CD HypnoSlimmer is at the leading edge of technology.

Brian  Glenn works ceaselessly to bring the most innovative and successful techniques offering many things for free, such as the EFT cravings buster on the main HypnoSlimmer website.

I am delighted to offer HypnoSlimmer West Sussex to those living in  Chichester, Littlehampton, Worthing, Arundel and district.  HypnoSlimmer is an innovative program that has all the components needed to help clients achieve their dream of becoming slim and staying that way forever.

Weight loss and gain is in the mind and the HypnoSlimmer program is designed to help you to make the necessary changes that will enable you to regain your natural eating habits.

To find out more visit the home page by clicking on this link Hypnoslimmer West Sussex

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