Lose Weight Feel Great

How Could You Lose Weight & Feel Great?

lose weight feel greatThe law of demonstration demands that what you desire to be, to do or to have you must first declare that you are it, that you can do it or that you already have that thing  you desire before it can be yours.

It’s all the same whether you want a million pounds or a slim body.  If you can’t imagine it, don’t talk about it or focus on it in some way you can’t get there.  If you look around  right now you will notice that everything you see first began as a thought in the mind of man.  The house you live in, the car you drive, the job you do, all were first thoughts before they wer things.

The Wright brothers had to imagine an aeroplane before they could design one.  All inventors, manufacturers, shop keepers and homeowners had to imagine being such before it happened.  Everything begins as a thought including your body.

The majority of people focus on what they don’t want and all they get is more of same.  This is the reason most people end up putting weight back on after successfully losing it.  If you fear putting it back on, worry about it, or talk about it in any way you’ll end up going there.

Lose Weight Feel Great

If all you ever focus on and talk about is what you don’t want that’s all you can get.  If your mind is full all day of fat thoughts you can only be fat.  To get thin you’ve got to think thin thoughts.  To Lose Weight Feel Great you’ve got to claim to be it and to feel it before you can get it.

I know, not that easy when you are overweight is it?  That’s where hypnosis can help.  Your hypnotherapist helps you to do the almost impossible, helping you to focus on the end result so your mind can take you there.

I work with people worldwide.  For one to one help contact christinewesson@hypnoslimmer.co.uk



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