How to Lose Weight Successfully

There’s Only One Way To Lose Weight Successfully

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Most people have no idea what it takes to lose weight successfully.  That’s because, the majority of successful dieters put their success down to their chosen diet being right for them.  They assume they chose the right diet and/or their determination, their willpower or some other stroke of luck carried them through. Unfortunately, without a true understanding of the mind body connection, the majority of them, one day, find themselves heading back the way they came and putting all the weight back on again.

Once they’ve put all the weight back on again, and more, they often re-visit their old slimming club or re-start their old diet, expecting things to be the same as they were before.  Often they are far from that. Where once the diet may have been easy to stick to, the second time around it could seem hard or impossible to lose the weight!  If the diet isn’t working this time, they may realise that they are just not in the same frame of mind as before yet they may have no idea how to return to that successful state.

Their problem is, they believe that something outside of them created the positive state. They believe it was the right diet, the right time or a host of other factors. They look around for those things but even if they do find them they simply don’t have the same effect any more so what was once easy is now either hard or even impossible. However, the ability to feel good and get into the right frame of mind is within you, it always has been and you have to somehow access it to lose weight successfully.

The condition of overweight is a result of negative thinking and can be created by stress, unhappiness, anger, unforgiveness, self-depreciation, loneliness or any number or combination  of negative situations.  Forget the old tale about the fat jolly person it’s a myth. The overweight person may be smiling on the outside but inside she/he’s miserable. There’s no fun in being in a constant battle with food and in hating you for your weakness and over indulgence.

There’s no jolliness in the name calling every overweight person indulges in or the way you feel about you when you look in the mirror, that’s if you can bear to look in the mirror any more. There’s also no fun in the shame you feel when you see the disdain in people’s eyes and it stands to reason that all the time you feel this way about you and your situation you cannot become slim.

Nonacceptance, self-hatred and inwardly directed anger and blame point in one direction and slim and happy point in the opposite direction. One is north facing and one south facing. Those who lose weight successfully are pointing in one direction only, towards slim and happy.  When all of your senses are pointing towards success, success is where you’ll end up.  To make the changes you need to make to get where you want to go contact your local HypnoSlimmer consultant.

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