The Amazing Mind Gym

Scientists have discovered a fitness regime that could help those who cannot exercise due to ill health, lack of fitness or even lack of motivation.  They found that simply imagining exercising can significantly increase muscle strength.

Guang Yue an exercise physiologist at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio studied ten volunteers who took part in mental workouts five times a week.  The volunteers simply imagined lifting heavy weights with their arms yet increased their bicep strength by an average of  13.5 per cent. 

Dr Yue reported that the gain in strength lasted for a full three months after the virtual workouts  stopped.   His findings showed that, mentally envisaging exercise increased the strength of the command signal sent by the brain to the appropriate muscle.

His discovery could help patients too weak to exercise to start recuperating from stroke or other injuries. It could also help older or those too overweight to exercise maintain strength.

Impulses from motor neurons prompt muscles to move and the firing of nerve fibres depends on the strength of electrical impulses sent by the brain.  According to Dr Yue, this suggests that muscle strength and general fitness can be increased solely by sending a signal to motor neurons in the brain. 

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