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Fitting a Virtual Gastric Band

The Journey Fitting a Virtual gastric Band is something I am very familiar with.  As a HypnoSlimmer consultant I have fitted a lot of virtual gastric bands for my clients.  A good proportion of them have had amazingly successful results, […]

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Emotional Overeating

Emotional Hunger v Normal Hunger Negative emotions are at the root of emotional overeating. Emotional hunger is different from normal hunger. Normal hunger occurs several hours after food has been consumed and builds up gradually. When experiencing normal hungry, it […]

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Weight Loss Hypnosis Chichester Gastric Band

HypnoSlimmer Offer Weight Loss Hypnosis in Chichester & Hypno Gastric Band Surgery Weight loss hypnosis has been proved to be an effective way of losing a large amount of weight.  Obesity has reached epidemic proportions and is costing the NHS […]

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