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Does Hypno Band Surgery Work

Hypno Band Surgery Does Hypno Band Surgery work and can it work for you?  Many people are sceptical about hypno band surgery.  Some worry in case they cannot be hypnotised and some are concerned in case it doesn’t work for […]

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The Virtual Gastric Band Chichester

About Chichester Virtual Gastric Band: Have you been wondering if the Virtual Gastric Band Chichester could help you to escape from the endless round of dieting?  Maybe you’ve heard about the procedure in the press or on one of the […]

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Gastric Hypno Band West Sussex

Gastric Hypno Band West Sussex offers the procedure that originated in Spain when a couple of British hypnotherapists decided to hypnotise their clients to believe they had undergone a gastric bypass. It is now possible to have the gastric hypno […]

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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss and Gastric Band Hypnotherapy If you’ve despaired of becoming free of the endless round of yo-yo dieting gastric band hypnotherapy could be the answer to your problem.  It could be the key to finally being able to achieve […]

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