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The Problem With Sugar

Is There a Problem With Sugar? The problem with sugar is your body is designed to be alkaline in nature and sugar alters the pH of your body making it acidic.   The pH of your blood and bodily fluids […]

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Emotional Overeating

Emotional Hunger v Normal Hunger Negative emotions are at the root of emotional overeating. Emotional hunger is different from normal hunger. Normal hunger occurs several hours after food has been consumed and builds up gradually. When experiencing normal hungry, it […]

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Does Hypno Band Surgery Work

Hypno Band Surgery Does Hypno Band Surgery work and can it work for you?  Many people are sceptical about hypno band surgery.  Some worry in case they cannot be hypnotised and some are concerned in case it doesn’t work for […]

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Gastric Band Hypnosis Chichester

What can Gastric Band Hypnosis Chichester offer you? Are you tired of being out of shape?  Do you fear the future if you carry on doing what you’re doing now?  Are you already finding difficulty climbing stairs or walking far?  Are […]

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Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

What is ‘Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis?’ ‘Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis’ is a procedure that utilises the power of clinical hypnotherapy and the human mind to convince the recipient that they have had a hypnotic gastric band fitted.  After the virtual […]

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Weight Loss Hypnosis Chichester Gastric Band

HypnoSlimmer Offer Weight Loss Hypnosis in Chichester & Hypno Gastric Band Surgery Weight loss hypnosis has been proved to be an effective way of losing a large amount of weight.  Obesity has reached epidemic proportions and is costing the NHS […]

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Embarrassing Fat Bodies

The Embarrassing Fat Bodies program featured hypnotherapy for weight loss and gastric band hypnotherapy.  They showed how the procedure can be used successfully to enable those who have tried every other method of weight loss to eventually shed the pounds […]

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Weight Loss Hypnosis Makes Easy Work of Becoming Slim

Weight Loss Hypnosis…….. If you asked a group of overweight people whether it was harder to be slim than fat, no doubt the majority would say that fat is easy to do and being or becoming slim is hard work.  […]

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HypnoSlimmer Chichester – Hypnotic Weight Loss

Having been a student of the mind for many years and knowing all about the mind body connection immediately I studied the HypnoSlimmer program I was hooked.  I knew HypnoSlimmer was the kind of hypnotic weight loss program I would […]

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Lose Weight Feel Great

How Could You Lose Weight & Feel Great? The law of demonstration demands that what you desire to be, to do or to have you must first declare that you are it, that you can do it or that you […]

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