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Does Hypno Band Surgery Work

Hypno Band Surgery Does Hypno Band Surgery work and can it work for you?  Many people are sceptical about hypno band surgery.  Some worry in case they cannot be hypnotised and some are concerned in case it doesn’t work for […]

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Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery In Chichester

You can now get Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery In Chichester Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery in Chichester, Littlehampton, Worthing, Bognor and Sussex also known as Hypno-Band is being offered here by a local Chichester Hypnotherapist.  If you are sick and tired […]

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Gastric Band Hypnosis Chichester

What can Gastric Band Hypnosis Chichester offer you? Are you tired of being out of shape?  Do you fear the future if you carry on doing what you’re doing now?  Are you already finding difficulty climbing stairs or walking far?  Are […]

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The Virtual Gastric Band Chichester

About Chichester Virtual Gastric Band: Have you been wondering if the Virtual Gastric Band Chichester could help you to escape from the endless round of dieting?  Maybe you’ve heard about the procedure in the press or on one of the […]

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Weight Loss Hypnosis Chichester Gastric Band

HypnoSlimmer Offer Weight Loss Hypnosis in Chichester & Hypno Gastric Band Surgery Weight loss hypnosis has been proved to be an effective way of losing a large amount of weight.  Obesity has reached epidemic proportions and is costing the NHS […]

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Hypnotherapy Chichester West Sussex

Hypnotherapy in Chichester, West Sussex Hypnosis has been proved to be the number one way of making changes that are both life changing and permanent.  Hypnotherapy has gained in popularity in recent years and is used by stars and leading […]

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HypnoSlimmer West Sussex

HypnoSlimmer West Sussex covers the whole County HypnoSlimmer is a successful program for weight loss that has been available for over ten years.  It’s founder, Brian Glenn and his team of experts are constantly modifying the program introducing all the […]

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Hypnotic Gastric Band Does It Work?

Does the Hypnotic Gastric Band Work? Claudia, a reporter with the Daily Mail went to Spain’s Costa del Sol to experience  hypnotic gastric band surgery and said: Weight off my mind: “I was hypnotised into thinking I’d had a gastric […]

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HypnoSlimmer Chichester – Hypnotic Weight Loss

Having been a student of the mind for many years and knowing all about the mind body connection immediately I studied the HypnoSlimmer program I was hooked.  I knew HypnoSlimmer was the kind of hypnotic weight loss program I would […]

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HypnoSlimmer – Too Good to be True!

Weight Loss Programs – HypnoSlimmer How many times have you been on a diet and lost some weight only to find it all creep back on again?  If you’re like most people out there you may even have ended up  heavier than before […]

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