The Chew Chew Diet

Can You Get Slim With The Chew Chew Diet?

chew chew diet

Can chewing your food thoroughly make a difference to your size? Those who have successfully lost weight by chewing their food swear by it. The actor Bruce Byron, who plays DC Terry Perkins in The Bill began dieting and at the same time he was writing a column in the paper giving his top tips for losing weight.

He claimed that when he began to chew his food to mush before swallowing the weight began to drop off his body. Why would that be? Well, it takes 20 minutes for the stomach to send “I’m Full” messages to the brain, so if you chew everything properly (give it a good 20 – 30 chews per mouthful), you’ll begin to recognize that you are full before you stuff down a ton more food than you actually need.

Eating quickly is a guarantee that you will overeat and therefore be overweight. Fast eaters plow all the way through each meal, making they don’t waste any of it, just in case world war 3 starts, presumably, and food becomes scarce. When they eat quickly they’ve eaten it all before their poor overworked stomach even has a chance to send on the message.

Then, by the time the message comes it’s desperate………STOOOOOP it yells, (if it could) STOOOOP……but by now it’s too late, the damage has been done, the stomach is bursting. Then they have to lean back, often breathless, and hold their poor stomach in their hands. That’s when the regrets are felt, “OH God, I shouldn’t have eaten that last bit, why did I have seconds,” etc; and all because the poor victim ate too quickly.

The chew-chew diet first became popular in Victorian times when the advice was to chew each mouthful 32 times. Personally I have found that to thoroughly masticate a piece of meat takes anything up to 70 chews but maybe my teeth aren’t as good as they used to be.

Strangely, but not so strangely, the people who have had Gastric bands fitted are also told to chew each mouthful thoroughly. If they fail to do so the food they swallow will not pass through the tiny space that has been left for food to pass into the stomach. This will lead to vomiting and all the food will come back up. So Gastric Band patients are really on a version of the chew-chew diet too.

Gastric Band Surgery v The Chew-Chew Diet

The only difference between surgery and the chew-chew diet is that surgery forces the recipient to eat correctly while the other is a choice. In other words, once you’ve undergone surgery, unless it is reversed, you will be committed to using the chew-chew diet for the rest of your life.

You will no longer be able to take huge mouthful and swallow down food that has been hardly chewed at all. Once you slow down the rate of eating to what it should be, yes the modern way of eating is wrong, it’s not how we were meant to eat, you will lose weight.

Fast food kills and fast food means any food that is eaten quickly, eaten without chewing properly and more or less swallowed whole. Dogs tear at their food and gulp it down without either tasting it or enjoying it, we are not dogs we are humans and we should eat like civilized human beings.

If you are really serious about getting slim you can get slim with the chew-chew diet without denying yourself anything, without going hungry or without calorie counting of any kind. All you have to do is chew and stop when you have had enough, will you do it or will you wait until you have to be operated on and you are forced to do it?

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