The Problem With Sugar

Is There a Problem With Sugar?

The problem with sugarThe problem with sugar is your body is designed to be alkaline in nature and sugar alters the pH of your body making it acidic.   The pH of your blood and bodily fluids is designed to be at a pH of 7.365, which is slightly alkaline. In just the same way your temperature has to stay within a very tight range the same goes for the pH of your bodily fluids.

Your body does create acids naturally through the foods you eat and your bodily functions as you go about your daily activities.  It has it’s own way of neutralise these acids created by our body through it’s day.  To keep you alive your body has to keep the pH of your blood, cells and other fluids at this slightly alkaline level (pH 7.365).

Your body’s own resources are adequate when you are living a natural healthy lifestyle.  However it struggles to cope with a highly acidic diet, a lack of exercise and a highly stressed lifestyle which also adds acids to the body.

The pH scale is logarithmic – so pH 6 is not slightly more acidic than pH 7, it is 10 times more so.   pH 5 is 100x times more acidic than pH 7 and pH 4 is 1000x more acidic and so on.  Cola, with it’s high sugar content and a pH of about 3 is highly acidic.

The Problem With Sugar

Immediately sugar is consumed it dramatically affects the pH of the blood, causing massive stress and damage to the body.  Cola, which is full of suger puts the body on red alert because in an acidic state red blood cells cannot function normally.

The acids that are consumed so freely in our modern lifestyle also ferment in the bloodstream, creating harmful toxins.  These add to the destruction of your body’s internal systems.  Your body is so desperate to rid itself of the toxicity and the lengths it has to and will go to to rid itself of the poisons cause damage to all parts of the body.

Ingested sugar ferments and causes chaos in the body.  The pH is
lowered and bacteria and yeast grows within the body which becomes mold.  Eating sugar  makes your body work so hard you are left feeling unwell and lethargic.  These feelings often make you reach for more sugar creating a vicious cycle that makes you sicker and sicker.

Once the body is full of toxins, yeasts, bacteria and mold further consumption is like throwing sugar on a fire.  Your body becomes more and more polluted and stressed.  The bacteria and yeasts also feed of the good foods you eat and you feel less benefit for eating them than you would or even should.

You probably know already what sort of foods are acid forming.  They are generally the foods you already believe are bad for you.  They consist of: sweets, chocolates, fizzy drinks of all kinds, chips, bread, burgers, white pasta, beer, wine and many more.

Some alkaline foods are listed below:  Fresh foods, leafy green vegetables, salads and nuts are alkaline.  To help your body return to it’s optimum state you simply need to start focusing 70-80% of your diet on the alkaline foods and limit, as much as possible, the acid foods.

An overweight body is an acid body; the more overweight the more acid it becomes or the more acid the more overweight it becomes. Eating an alkaline diet will improve your weight dramatically, why not try it and see?

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