Which Diets Work!

Which Diets Work?

which diets workThere are so many diets out there.  There’s simple calorie counting diet, the low carb diet, the low-fat diet, the cabbage soup and the low GI to name just a minute amount; all of them aimed at  helping us lose weight.

You can go on a diet that has nothing but meat, one that bans meat all together, one that insists on not eating this food and that food together and all work for some and not for others.  There are tea diets and berry diets, banana diets and shake diets and again some people  succeed and others fail miserably.

Old diets are revived and others brought out, but no matter how many old diets are revived or how many new ones are conceived.  You may have even noticed that a diet that has been successful for you in the past is no longer successful when re-visited.

Can You Tell Which Diets Work and Which Don’t

Why is that?  It’s because diets don’t work!  No, truthfully they don’t.  It never was the diet that was working even when it seemed to be it was your mindset while on the so called diet that was doing the trick.

That’s why some diets work and some don’t, why some work for some and not for others, why the diet plan you found so easy 5 years ago is now not working at all.  Diets don’t work, mindset, your mindset was the thing that made you lose the weight.

When you were in the right mindset you lost weight.  With the right mindset the wonga wonga diet will work.  All the while you stay in the mindset the weight will stay off too.  The trouble is that the majority of dieters eventually lose the momentum, replace the winning  mindset and end up putting it all back on.

Yet mindset doesn’t just happen.  You actually created it even if you don’t know how.  Wouldn’t it be good to find out how to create and keep the winning mindset at all times?

You self hypnotise you all the time, find out how to do it purposefully and to can lose weight and this time keep it off for good.

That’s why hypnosis works!  Hypnotic techniques can be used with your permission to change your mindset.  If you’ve had enough, do it now.

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  1. Good article, about how diets actually make you fatter! The key to being slim is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, eating fresh unprocessed foods. So don’t go on looking for a diet that works fast rather cut out on the sugar, refined flour and caffeine, and start munching on those fruits and veggies.

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